"Talk doesn't cook rice." - Chinese Proverb.

I'm quickly approaching a time in my relationship with God when my faith is going to have to be put into action.  Situations surround me that require movement instead of just passively waiting them out.  Decisions have to be made; potentially life-changing decisions.  As I was talking with one of my dearest friends a few weeks ago, I was discussing an opportunity I was being given.  I told my friend that I felt like I had spent all of this time gaining momentum, building up a faith that would define my life.  And now I was at a crucial part in my relationship where I needed balance between devotion and service. 

Since that conversation, I've prayed and decided that the opportunity wasn't necessarily right for me; I'm needed right here at home.  But God has done an amazing job of opening my eyes to the many different witnessing opportunities I'm given everyday, especially in and through my ministry.  However, just realizing those opportunities are present isn't enough.  Until I step up and start bringing forth some action, those opportunities are simply being wasted. 

Distractions, like insecurities, hinder me like crazy.  The pain and strife of the past two years have caused me to question myself and my decision making, whether I'm really listening to God or whether I was ever really capable of hearing Him if I was listening.  But I can no longer allow self-doubt to creep up and strangle my ministry, my chances at serving in a godly manner no matter where or when it is needed or desired of me.

James says that faith without works is dead.  Hebrews tells me that without faith, it is impossible to please God.  Clearly, I need a balance of both faith and works.  Devotion and service.  And in this moment of my life, God is calling me to step out and be His hands and feet.  I don't want to watch from the sidelines anymore with my pretty words of faith to get me through.  It's time for me to take action for my Father.  It's the least I can do.

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