It Is Finished.

As Christians, we often get so caught up in our own walks with Christ that we forget something very important.  There are sinners in our everyday lives that need to be told about our Savior.  Now don't get me wrong; it's valuable to maintain a healthy relationship with Christ.  And just as any other relationship, it requires time and effort in order to be sustained so that it doesn't wither from lack of attention.  Having a strong, healthy relationship with Christ is first priority.  It is the foundation of any ministry purposes you would have.

But we are also called to be ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20).  We are messengers of God, the hands and feet of the Reigning King.  Once you make the decision to allow Christ into your heart, it's not about keeping Him locked up in there.  Trust me: God's a big God.  He can handle your heart and the hearts of others at the same time.  It comes in His job description, which is pretty incredible.  It's just part of His personality.  And due to this wonderful fact, He doesn't just ask that you share Him with others.  He requires it.

Let me explain.  God is not only a father.  God is THE Father.  We're not talking mafia material here.  We're talking before time began.  This Guy spoke it all into existence.  Meaning that as the Creator of everything, He, as anyone who has taken part in creating a life would know, has a heart for His creation.  His wish is not that all would perish by the way of death and destruction, but that all of His children would come to Him and accept the gift of eternal life He's offering.

Let's put it like this: knowing Christ and not sharing Him is like having the cure to a disease and not telling anyone.  It's not good if you keep it to yourself; it only benefits you.  But when you share it with others, it benefits them as well and ensures their way to life.  For Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  We are to share life with people; we are to share Jesus.  It's not an obligation or a duty.  It's a service,  birthed from extreme love, and it should be executed in the same manner.

I encourage you today as an ambassador for Christ to share the great news of Christ's resurrection with someone, to pray diligently and fervently for a lost friend or family member.  Just as Christ didn't kind of die on the cross, we shouldn't kind of concern ourselves with reaching out to others.  My Savior's death and victory were complete.  He said, "It is finished."  And as we share Jesus with others and become determined to take back those which Satan has tried to manipulate and destroy, we should not rest until we, too, can declare, "It is finished." 

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