Be a Daniel.

[I actually wrote this a couple of years ago, but it's been laid on my heart to bring it to the attention of any who are reading this blog.]

So many times we, as Christians, seek pats on the back.  If we're honest with ourselves, this desire to be praised often motivates actions in our lives.  We'll help someone out with money, and then proceed to tell the rest of the world about it.  We'll do something as simple as offering someone a ride somewhere and announce it to our glorification.  As Christians, ambassadors for Christ, we are supposed to do such things out of love.  In fact, 1 Corinthians 13 talks about how if it's not done in love, it's meaningless to God.  We are to have a servant's heart.  And it doesn't matter how many times you've volunteered or given of yourself if that action was done in order to receive recognition.  

Take, for instance, Daniel.  In Daniel 5, the queen bragged on Daniel like he was the coolest thing since unleavened bread.  Upon hearing his credentials, the king, spooked by seeing a random unmanned hand writing on his wall during a feast, called Daniel and asked him to prove himself. The reward?  Clothing of scarlet and gold and being deemed the third ruler of the kingdom.  Not a bad pat on the back for using a gift from God.  It only seems right, since he was pretty awesome due to the amazingness of God, that Daniel would deserve such a reward.  Fame?  Fortune?  Cool clothes?  Most of us would kill for that stuff.  And all he had to do to attain it was use the God-given gift he was perfectly equipped to use.  All he had to do was give to someone else, be nice like God calls for.

Daniel interpreted the writing on the wall.  However, when it came to the pat on the back, the earthly reward, he kindly declined.  In fact, he even told the king to give it to someone else.

If we honestly search within ourselves, we'll find a little bit of Daniel.  Our desire to serve others, to love others as God has loved us and to let everything we do be used to glorify the Father.  Not ourselves.  An honest and sincere relationship with Christ leads to this revolution within ourselves, our motives, our thinking.  Time for an attitude check: who are you glorifying?  Is it done in love?

Step up.  Be a Daniel.

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