Get Real.

I've been trying so hard for the past two months or so to write something deep and profound, something I believed would reach into your souls and grasp the very roots of doubt or fear and gently tug them out.  I wanted to approach you as a writer, as a minister.  I forgot that this whole thing, this whole blog, has endured time because I approach you, the reader, as a friend.  I come to you as a human being who struggles with the same things you do.  I come to you as a fellow believer to encourage you in your struggles and rejoice with you in your triumphs.  This blog really isn't about me at all.  It is about reaching out and connecting with you.

So let us sit and chat over a nice cup of tea or coffee, whichever you prefer.  Let us delight in the blessings of the Lord, in answered prayers and delivered promises.  Let us share doubts and fears, the very things I wished to help with, yet struggle with daily.  Let's be real, open, and honest.

I suppose that's what this post is about.  Being real.  So often, especially in the ministry, we plaster smiles on our faces.  We sing or preach or talk or pray and we wear "I'm Fine" like it's the newest fragrance from Chanel. 

But I'm stepping out and saying I'm not fine.  I'm terrified and excited, frustrated and trusting.  I am a mingled mess of emotion.  And I may be wrong, but I'm willing to guess that you aren't fine, either.  That you are numb due to feeling nothing at all or feeling everything all at once.  That you fight battles of which no one is aware.  That you find it easier to just keep things to yourself rather than risk exposing your heart to a world too selfish to handle it's contents delicately.

I know.  I understand.  And more importantly, God sees everything we keep hidden from each other and others.  And He still loves us with a depth that puts the ocean to shame.

A friend and I have been discussing the courage it takes to be real and genuine.  I never noticed how much of myself I hold back due to simple fear, even going as far as withholding smiles from those who intimidate and frighten me.  As if I could hold my joy ransom and give it away only when someone paid the appropriate price and proved themselves worthy.  How ridiculous!  As a result, my friend and I have challenged each other to smile genuinely at everyone we come across.  A simple task, yes, but it has been such a blessing.  Freedom is found when fear is broken.

This small step towards genuineness has inspired a new series of blog posts entitled "Get Real".  In this series, I have full intentions of writing at least twice a month until January on what I am struggling with and what God is revealing to me through my struggles.  I don't guarantee pretty words or deep, theological discussions.  But I do guarantee that everything will be real (and probably humorous at times). 

But don't think that I'm doing this alone!  I've asked some "guest speakers" to accompany me on this journey.  I'm super excited to share their words with you!  *Cue confetti and fireworks.*

And I'm doing all of this to encourage you to be real with yourself, with others, with God.  A.W. Tozer says, "God wants us all, and He will not rest till He gets us all.  No part of the man will do."  Let Him have your all and watch as God begins to heal the broken, fearful places with the light He sheds when you get real.  Thank you for joining me!  God bless. 

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful post, Courtney! I think you hit the nail right on the head: God desires all parts of us, even the broken ones. Sometimes, the church conveys that we are supposed to be "just fine" if we are truly following God and that there can't be any struggles in our lives. But God wants us to be real with everyone including Him so that we can be dependent on one another to get through the struggles. Keep on posting!=)