Let my heart breathe deep and strong.
Words fall out and they're all wrong,
But You take them anyway.

They're not polished or revised.
They are simply mine
And that's what You want.

What I need.

To open my soul and let You see,
Even when I'm a wreck and I can't be
Put together.

You want my pieces and I hold them back,
Terrified that You'll see what I lack
Instead of what I offer.

Yet You wait.

Because You know it will come down to this,
When my heart bursts and twists
Until all of the words fall out.

This is our process, our dance.
You keep handing me a chance
To breathe deep

And I keep waiting until it's right,
Until the theology is tight.
But You tell me it's okay.

It's okay if my words are weak or faded
Because I am the writer You created
And You want all of me.

So that's what I'll give.

I'll give 'til it hurts.
And then I'll give even more.

Because these words?  They're my oxygen.
And they're all for You, Lord.