When You're In The Middle.

I've written about this before.

This in between.
This middle of things.

When you're in the changing and you're stripped bare,
Wondering where you'll go next and what's waiting there.

Feeling like doors are slamming in your face.
Feeling like you've lost your place.


Abandoned, it seems.
What are you supposed to do with all these dreams?

The season behind you is over and done.
The season before you still hasn't begun.

And you're here in the middle, with no clue
about who you should be or what you should do.


There is hope for even this,
because as scary as it is,
this middle has a purpose.

He is here.  

Do you hear me?  He is here.
And where He remains, there can be no fear.

So you're in the middle, but that is okay.
For the middle just means you've made it halfway.

{We are halfway through this 31 Day challenge.  Can you believe it?  Also, this post marks my 100th published post on Eyes of Faith.  100th!?!  It's all so crazy, but I am so grateful for this journey.  I'm so grateful for the words God has entrusted to me, I'm so grateful for the platform to share those words, and I'm so grateful for you, friends, because you read them and give them life that I never could on my own.}
Day Fifteen.
You can find the rest of the series here.

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