When You're Overwhelmed.


Do you feel it?  The way your heavy heart lightens with a deep breath, like breathing in and out can slip things back into their proper places?  

I know.  I know things look crazy right now.  I know that you're looking at your plate and wondering how in the world you're going to handle it all.  Life can beat you up and beat you down and make you feel like a complete and utter failure.  And maybe it's not your schedule full of obligations that leaves you feeling overwhelmed.  Maybe there's just too much going on in your head and your heart and, good grief, isn't there a button somewhere you can push to turn off all of these thoughts and feelings?

Your heart hurts.  Your mind hurts.  Your soul hurts. 

The numbers aren't adding up and your bank account is slowly dwindling to nothing.  You have a wayward child who doesn't seem to remember anything from the years you raised them to love God.  You can see things falling apart in your church, in your home, in your life, and you can't see a way to fix it.

You're overwhelmed and it feels like you're drowning in questions and fears, like stress is clawing at your throat and trying to take you under.

But I've learned from experience that the best remedy for an overwhelmed soul is a visit with the Father.  Even if you don't see answers or responses immediately, entering into His presence means exiting with His peace.  So take your overwhelmed self to the Father.  Sit with Him and spill your heart.  

Because if you're going to be overwhelmed, be overwhelmed by the character of Christ.  Be overwhelmed by His goodness.  Be overwhelmed by His love.

Day Twenty One.
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  1. I've been reading on this most if the day and a lot of them I can relate to but this one has really hit close to home with what's going on right now and its comforting to read, very proud of you, love you.