To the Broken Ones.

The first thing you need to know?  Perhaps the most important thing?

You will be happy again.

Trust me.  Love will flow through your veins and awaken your bones and your heart will fill to it's greatest capacity.  I know your fists are clenched right now while you fight the pain and wonder how the ashes in your chest could ever function properly again.

It doesn't look good.  It looks rough.  It feels rough.

You're not going to be the same.  And that's okay.  You've been through war, and maybe you've lost, and maybe it will take some time to figure yourself out again.  You have scars and I know you didn't ask for them and I know you'll cry every single time you see them because they're still fresh.  But eventually you'll wear them proudly.

I promise the tears will end and the ache will slowly fade.  It's frustrating and suffocating and you'll just want to be done with the whole crazy deal of healing right this very moment.

But don't rush it. 

There's no expiration date for broken hearts and no deadlines for the healing process.  Take your time.  Feel what you need to feel.  You will thank yourself later.    

And when the time is right, when you wake up and no longer feel the heaviness of sorrow balancing on your shoulders, take a deep breath and give yourself permission to be happy again.    

Because you will be happy again.  

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