Embrace the Interruptions.

She was engaged, preparing for a wedding and a marriage and a normal life, when an angel popped in with a divine message and wrecked her plans.

And I think about what it must have been like to be so young, on the brink of truly beginning your life, and being told that your womb would shelter the Son of God.  The fear and questions must have plagued her long after that angel left.  How would she face people?  Would anyone believe her?  Did she even believe it herself?  

A few years ago, I played Mary in our church's Christmas play.  I had always known the Christmas story, had always thought it was beautiful.  But it wasn't until I was dressed as Mary, speaking her words, that I began to really think about what it must have been like for her.

I imagined her watching her stomach grow, knowing that the child forming inside was created miraculously.  I imagined her amazement at every kick and flutter.  I imagined her feeling of inadequacy when she realized that she was giving birth to the Son of God and all she could offer Him was a stable and a manger.  I imagined her crying, tears of joy and relief and uncertainty, as she held her son and kissed His precious face.  I imagined her thanking God in Heaven for this beautiful gift, this unplanned blessing of being the mother of Jesus Christ.

And isn't that just like us?  To begin our journeys with God full of questions and hesitation only to end up blessed beyond measure by His provision and wisdom?  

God had greater plans for Mary than she had for herself.  She thought she would only be a normal girl with a quiet life, but God looked at her and saw more.  He saw the mother of Jesus.

When our plans are wrecked, it isn't because God is good at destruction.  It's because His plans for us are infinitely better.  And perhaps, even more than that, it is because He sees our full identity in Him while we only catch glimpses. 

Perhaps our interrupted plans are meant to redefine us, to bring us a step closer to becoming the complete version of who God has called us to be.

As we experience Christmas this year and make our entrance into 2017, let's hold our plans loosely and tighten our grip on the Heavenly Father instead.  Let's embrace the interruptions because we have faith that our God knows exactly what He is doing and exactly who He is calling us to be.  Merry Christmas, friends, and God bless.

I'm just a girl, nothing more.  But I am willing.
I am Yours.
- Be Born in Me, Francesca Battistelli

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