Hear Me Roar.

I keep trying to fix people who don't want to be fixed.
I keep trying to be the best God wants me to be.
But sometimes I'm not strong enough.
Sometimes I break.
Sometimes I wish and I hope and I pray that all of the caring and
The pain would just.  Go.  Away.
Not to be refrained for once.
Not to be judged.
Not to be taken for granted.
Or told I'm not enough.
No more being forgotten.
No more questioning my worth.
Accepted.  Loved.  Cared for.
Embraced.  Remembered.  Cherished.
My God makes me all of these things.
Why is it so hard to remember?

With Him, I'm free from ALL bondage.
With Him, I'm never forgotten or restrained.
With my God, I am strengthened.
I.  Am.  Strong.
And I will no longer be told otherwise.
I am a godly person, washed in the blood of Jesus.
And when He sees me, He doesn't see my bad stuff.
He sees who I am through Him.
And it's an incredible sight. 
I am a woman of God; hear me roar.

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