The Game of Life.

I watched as my adorable little cousin turned his entire body away from the board game set before him and folded his arms before he loudly proclaimed, "I hate this game.  It's stupid!"

At first, I giggled.  That's such a common response for children to have, especially when they're being sore losers.  Maybe they simply don't understand how the game works and are being told rules they aren't comprehending.  I remember when I was a child (and admittedly, I still do this) when I'd get so frustrated with a game I was losing that I'd just want to quit. 

And then I realized...that's how we are in the game of life.  When things don't go our way, when we can't see any possibility of being victorious, we want to throw in the towel because, according to what we see, the game is stupid.  It isn't worth our time if we're just gonna lose.

But the Game Maker (and Life Giver) has ensured a way for all of His children to win at this game.  It's not always fair; the devil cheats, steals, and lies.  But for those who follow God's path, we're led all the way to the finish line.  We pass Go and collect $200, baby.  We just have to trust in the Lord's plan and keep playing the game.


  1. Can I guess that this cousin was Chris??? This sure sounds like something he would say...lol

  2. Thank you Courtie. This is so true. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Rachel- Yeah, it was Chris. But it was a great life lesson, so he's necessary for my life! :D

    Anonymous- Not a problem. I have to be reminded by my Father everyday where my strength should lie.