Give Me My Brother Back!

The kids wrestled in the floor.  At first, there was giggling and playful screaming as they tumbled on top of each other.  But I watched as a younger brother gallantly approached the situation, grabbed one of the young boys rustling around, and declared loudly, "Give me my brother back!" 

After proving that he was standing his ground and refusing to budge until his brother was released, the younger brother walked away victorious with a taller young boy in tow.  His diligent effort to obtain his brother from the enemy (the other young boy) was rewarded with success.  Why?  Because he loved his brother and refused to allow him to be taken.

As we approach our Christian walk, do we have that kind of love for our brothers (and sisters) in Christ?  I've watched as countless Christians have stumbled and not recovered.  Whether it is guilt or bitterness or insecurity that holds them back, so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ have become victims to the dangerous games Satan likes to play. 

Unfortunately, I have also watched as countless Christians stood by and witnessed their church families fall apart.  I've watched as countless Christians have stood by and witnessed individuals who were once so strong become weak and falter under pressure.  I've watched as countless Christians not only stood by and witnessed the destruction of their brother, but often aided in that very destruction. 

1 John talks repeatedly about the difference between loving and hating your brother; how those that hate their brother are stuck in darkness (spiritual blindness) while those that love their brother are in the light (of Christ).  As Christians pursuing the heart of Christ and hoping to become like Him, our goal should be to always stay in the light of Christ.  And according to 1 John, that means truthfully loving our brothers (and sisters).  If we truthfully love our family of Christ, how can we sit by and allow Satan to deceive them, to trick them?  How can we watch and do nothing as he continues to grab and snatch those we love?

With the authority that we've been given through Christ and His resurrection, we need to begin to gallantly stride towards our struggling brother, grab him from the enemy, and say, "Give me my brother back!"  We need to demand a victory instead of simply shrugging and accepting that another of our family members has been lost.  As Christians, we aren't just friends, we aren't just buddies, we aren't just acquaintances. 

We.  Are.  Family. 

And, praise God, I want my brother back!  Do you?

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