A typical newborn baby begins holding his or her head up on their own in different stages of development.  Typically, within the first month, a baby can only lift its head momentarily as the neck muscles haven't been given time to strengthen yet.  By two months, a baby can usually only lift its head almost 45 degrees and, by three months, can hold its head up with excessive bobbing forward.  I recently held a 10 week old baby with the capability of capturing your heart and holding her head up at the same time, as if her neck muscles had skipped some stages in development and were strengthening at an amazing rate.  Now I know what you're thinking: "If she has supernatural strength, clearly her parents are either superheroes or intergalactic aliens!"

Okay.  Maybe I don't know what you're thinking.

Nonetheless, it was an incredible feat and I was astonished at the strength the little one showed already.  I immediately thought, "With that much strength in her spirit, God will surely use her to do mighty things."  

We need the same strength that little baby has.  When life and circumstances try to tell us to keep our heads down, that we can't do something, we need to fire back and proclaim that we are capable through Christ to do all things.  He has strengthened us and has made us more than conquerors through His name.  I've heard it a thousand times and it's completely true: this place is winding down.  We are quickly approaching the Judgment Day.  God does not need weak, wimpy Christians.  Especially in the last days.  

God desires children who are sincere servants.  God desires followers who are willing to lay down their lives and take up the cross.  God desires Christians who don't just wear the term as a label, but as a definition of who they are and what they live for.  God desires people who are weak, but are willing to allow God's strength to work through them. 

We're on a battlefield every day of our lives.  There is constantly a battle raging around us  between good and evil.  If we are weak, we are not dependable in this battle.  If we can barely recognize Christ's strength in us, how can we encourage our brothers and sisters to grab hold of the strength inside of them?  How can we pick up wounded fellow soldiers and bear their burdens when we're too busy whining about our life and our circumstances?  

Don't settle for the lies Satan tells you; you are not worthless, disappointing, or weak.  If you have dedicated your life to God, you must always remember that His strength never disappears or runs out.  Children of God, we are given a great commission.  We are given a great purpose.  To win souls, to encourage one another, and to fight the good fight.  Let's run the race and finish well!  For even if we are wheezing and hacking up a lung at the finish line, we can do it with a smile because God has given us the strength to carry on.  

Embrace the strength that God has given and be strong.    


  1. wow. This is the second time this has come up in my life. I guess that means I should pay attention! Thank you for sharing the strength God has given you. :)

  2. It's a learning process. God is always teaching us. :]