When It's The Moment After a Big Moment.

So I don't know if you were paying attention, but this thing happened yesterday where a small dream came true and I felt like pinching myself.  (I didn't pinch myself, in case you were wondering.)

And today?  The day after?  Well, it feels a whole lot like the day after Christmas.  

I love Christmas.  It's my absolute favorite.  Some of you are nodding like crazy.  Some of you are wrinkling your nose.  It's cool.  We can still be friends.  But the day after Christmas is always so depressing to me because I've spent months preparing for this one occasion, this one day, and it is over so quickly.  

Maybe you haven't been able to guest post on a blog that you love.  Maybe, instead, you've experienced a month or so in Haiti or Uganda or Rwanda and you're back home now, wondering how life can return to normal when you feel so different on the inside.  Or maybe you've recently given your heart to Christ and the wonder of it all is starting to wear thin under the reality of living out faith in this flesh.  

This is tough, this moment after a Big Moment.  It creeps in like a slow sunrise and then feels like a sucker punch to the gut that leaves us stunned on the floor.  And we can feel like our Big Moment was defining, and now that it is over and our story doesn't seem to look any different, there's no hope.  If our Big Moment couldn't change our story, what possibly can?

But, friend, you are so much more than just one Big Moment.  Do you know that?  You, your heart, your personality, your life, your story -- all a sum of beautiful, wonderful moments scattered over time.  And God loves you through every single one of them.  

So as you're sitting in the midst of a moment after a Big Moment and you're grasping for some kind of glory, reach for His.  Because it is only through and by Him that our moments, big or small, amount to anything. 

 Day Thirteen.
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  1. I can so relate to this! Thanks so much for sharing it. I recently felt the same which led me to write the devotional I had written yesterday. God bless you!