It's old and rusty and I would never have the guts to cross it.  This bridge doesn't dangle, but the support is old and I can only imagine that the foundation is threatened by age.  As we drove past it, I allowed my mind to wander.  What if I mustered the courage to cross that bridge?  What if I traveled so far and couldn't cross, either due to being frozen in fear or because the bridge had fallen apart?  Anxiety gripped my heart at just the thought.  I shook my head, releasing those scary images, and simply resigned to never attempt crossing the bridge.  If I didn't try, I wouldn't put myself in such a potentially frightening situation.  Problem solved.  Ain't God good?!

Almost immediately, I thought of the spiritual bridge I was currently crossing.  There was, and still is, a situation in my life where I'm desperately seeking God's will.  He gave me direction a year ago, and out of faith, I began walking on this bridge.  A year later, I find myself asking the same questions I asked in the beginning: what if I get so far and can't cross?  What if I get scared?  What if I'm stuck on this bridge forever?  What if Jesus leaves?  What if He already has?

But He has never left.  He has brought me across tons of bridges and has never left my side.  He walks before me, making a way for me to cross safely.  He walks behind me, guiding me with His words of confident direction.  If He has proven Himself faithful before, then who am I to question Him now? 

Sometimes God directs us across scary bridges.  What He asks of us or guides us to accomplish is crazy and makes no sense.  Sometimes we're required to give up our dreams and ambitions, our plans and schemes, for the slowly-revealed will of God.  As a dear friend and I have been discussing lately, it all comes down to trust.  Do you trust Jesus?  Truly, deeply, with everything?  Because it is only in our trust of God that we can allow Him to completely have us: our hearts, souls, lives, dreams, fears, and ambitions.  And it is only through trusting Him that we will allow Him to take us across every scary spiritual bridge required of us.  The reward awaiting us on the other side, if we do not allow fear to hinder us, will be great!

So here's to each of you and whatever bridge God is asking you to cross.  May you learn to trust in our Father and embrace the direction He gives.  God bless. 


  1. <3 this might be the most beautiful post you have crafted yet.

  2. It so comforting to be reminded that others are as terrified as I am to cross the bridge. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Scribbler. :)

    Miss Kelsey, thank YOU for reading. I pray that God blesses you through any of these mere words you choose to embrace. <3