When Evil Seems to Reign.

For every life that has ended prematurely.

For every cell of cancer that spreads, that exists.

For every addiction that strangles, suffocates, and steals.

For every moment of stolen innocence.

For every corrupt use of power.

For every child that starves.

For every act of evil that goes beyond comprehension. 

It may seem as though God is silent.  It may seem as though the Church is crippled and ineffective.  But friends?  I'm looking at the enemy's track record and I'm not impressed.  Every single time he has come against God, he has lost.  And that won't change.  

Because we serve a God who is infinitely more powerful than evil will ever be. 

God has conquered all.  It is only through and by the blood of Jesus that I have any hope in this fallen world.  But I do have hope.  

And maybe that's what I need.  Maybe that's what we all need.  To look at this day, to look at this beautiful life, to look at this wretched world and declare that we do have hope.  

We have hope because we have Jesus.     

Day Two.
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