The Perfect Fit.

When I was a kid, I wanted the coolest pair of shoes that I believed ever existed.  They were regular shoes with wheels that popped out in the back, miraculously allowing them to change from sneakers to skates in a matter of minutes.  I wanted them so bad I could almost taste it.  So when I found a pair at a price my parents were willing to pay, I jumped at the chance to get them.  The problem?  They were a size too small.  But did I care?  Absolutely not.  This was my dream.  I had always wanted these shoes, and even if they didn't fit, I'd fight the discomfort to make sure I had them.

That didn't last long.  It got so bad that I eventually came to my momma crying, telling her that they didn't fit like I said they had and that she should take them back.  They were killing my feet, and not even the desire to have them could keep my little piggies from squealing. 

Sometimes we're like that with people.  We spend what seems like an eternity dreaming of the people we want to fill our lives.  Whether it's a best friend or a soulmate or a new boss, we have ideas of what we want these people to be like.  And then, when people come along that could possibly fill those roles in our lives, we try to make them fit.  Even if they're a size too small.  People will marry people they don't really love simply because they want a husband or wife, or remain in a destructive friendship because they've always dreamed of having a best friend. 

Just like simply wanting my shoes couldn't make them fit, simply wanting these people won't make them fit in our lives, either.  And just like keeping those shoes and wearing them, despite the pain they caused, could have caused permanent damage, so can keeping people in our lives that don't belong.  Trying, fighting, and fooling yourself into believing a person could fill a void they were never meant to fill is a dangerous game.  A game that will leave your heart broken.

God has such great plans for the lives of His children, and none of them include settling.  So quit trying to make someone in your life fit if they don't.  God will bring you the person who fits in time, and it will be above and beyond anything you were ever capable of dreaming of.   

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