31 Days.

I'm living in the deep end this year, so I did this brave thing and decided to accept the challenge to write for 31 days on one topic.  I know, I know.  For a chick who can barely crank out a post per month, it is incredibly ambitious to believe I can crank out thirty-one in October.  

But I'm here and I'm trying it and I'm so grateful that you've cared enough to join me.  Out of all of the words on the internet, you're taking the time to read some of mine.  Out of all of the blog spaces on the web, you're here in my humble corner.  And I am so, so thankful.

I am praying for you as we begin this journey, friends.  I am praying that God will show up in mighty and awesome ways, not because of my words but because of His heart.  And above all, if you don't know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, I am praying that you would come to know Him.  Because without Jesus, there is no hope to be found.

|| 31 Days of Finding Hope ||

Day One: 31 Days of Finding Hope.
Day Two: When Evil Seems to Reign.
Day Three: When You're Scared to Hope.
Day Four: Selfless Sunday: Week One.
Day Five: When The Enemy Lies.
Day Six: When You Feel Invisible.
Day Seven: When Community Hurts.
Day Eight: When God Seems Silent.
Day Nine: When It's Our Time.
Day Ten: When It Feels Like You're Dying.
Day Eleven: Selfless Sunday: Week Two.
Day Twelve: When Life Doesn't Go As Planned.
Day Thirteen: When It's The Moment After a Big Moment.
Day Fourteen: When Praying Is Hard.
Day Fifteen: When You're In The Middle.
Day Sixteen: When You Need To Be Heard.
Day Seventeen: When You're Running.
Day Eighteen: Selfless Sunday: Week Three.
Day Nineteen: When You Don't Trust God.
Day Twenty: When You're In The Waiting Room.
Day Twenty One: When You're Overwhelmed.
Day Twenty Two: When You're Launched Into The Deep.
Day Twenty Three: When You're Looking For Uganda.
Day Twenty Four: When You're Single.
Day Twenty Five: Selfless Sunday: Week Four.
Day Twenty Six: When You're Not Enough.

Day Twenty Seven: When You're Praying For A Prodigal.
Day Twenty Eight: When You Feel Abandoned.
Day Twenty Nine: When You Have Scars.
Day Thirty: When You Lose It All.
Day Thirty One: When There's Hope In Front Of You.


  1. I'm doing my series on hope as well! Looking forward to reading your insights. :)

    1. How fun! I'll have to check out your series as well. :)

  2. Hope is a wonderful theme! I do so love the way blogging connects people. I'm swimming in the deep end just now too, and find writing helps me stay afloat. Best of luck with the challenge. I'm visiting from the link list today.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping in! I love the way blogging connects people, too. I've been praying for community, and I never imagined it would come through writing or the internet, but I'm so glad that His plans are so much better than ours. :)

  3. I love your posts--definitely a kindred heart! :) I'll look forward to subscribing and following your posts this #write31days series. You have a message that is so very important--'for such a time as this'. Write on.

    1. Thank you so much, for the encouragement and for reading! God bless. :)