It's Okay to Not Be Okay.

There are a million adult responsibilities beating at my door right now.  I won't bore you with the actual to-do list; just know that it is extensive and exhausting.

But my heart isn't okay.

There's no real reason for it.  It's just a season, I suppose.  But it's a difficult one where each breath feels like it's piercing the tender flesh of my chest.  

And so tonight, I'm giving myself permission to set my to-do list aside for the sake of my sanity and my soul.  

I'm writing words, not to share or turn in, but simply because they pour from my veins.

I'm laying in the floor and talking to God and letting the tears come and go because broken is not bad.

I'm taking care of myself because 24 is too young to be beat to death by this life.

And maybe you need to give yourself permission to set the to-do list aside and simply breathe.

Your homework can wait.  The checkbook can be balanced tomorrow.  We both know you don't really want to fold that laundry anyway.

Tuck your babies in and watch in awe as they fall slowly and peacefully asleep.  Rest in your spouse's arms a little longer.  Paint the scene in your head.  Read that book.  Text that friend.  Let the dishes set in the sink and the toys lay in the living room floor while you weep at the feet of Jesus over your broken heart.

Take the time and make the effort to sustain the life within you.

It's important.  It's necessary.  

May we never value a completed checklist more than this incredible gift of time we have been given.

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