The Ministry.

Look at 'em smiling and jazz.
They're so cute!
Being part of a singing ministry means hours on the road, days away from home, and friends scattered in so many different places.  It means shoving exhaustion to the side and pouring your heart out on the stage or in the pulpit, regardless of the size of the crowd.  It means homecoming dinners and hog roasts, baptisms and dedications.  It means gospel, outdoor, and benefit sings.

It means embracing the smallest moments because they can become the greatest.  I could talk for hours about how difficult it is, but why I love doing what I do.  Or you could just read this and save yourself some time.  

If you'd like to know more about Anointed Hearts, the singing ministry that takes up a large portion of my time and an even bigger portion of my heart, click here or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.