Letting Go.

I have moved twice in the past year.  There was a time when my belongings occupied a storage unit and a duffel bag.  I've had to "downsize", as my family has come to call it, quite a bit in the past year.  I've gone from a two-story house to a six-room apartment to a single wide trailer and, shockingly, have had to give up many of my once-cherished belongings in order to make room for things I truly needed.  But the funny thing is that after I donated or trashed items I was originally hesitant to let go of, I didn't really miss them.  I became so grateful for the things I was able to keep and the possibilities created by letting go of one thing so I could embrace another.

It's not until you're forced to give up things that you realize what truly matters in life.

Giving things up is hard.  It is incredibly painful.  I admit to sitting in my bedroom floor of my house the day we moved everything out and just crying.  I felt resentful of life and circumstances and of a Divine plan that I couldn't grasp.  Change is difficult.  But it allows for better things to come together.  In life, sometimes we have to let go of things, whether it's people, situations, or belongings.  It could be hurt feelings over an incident that happened 20 years ago.  It could be bitterness towards someone who we feel has done us wrong.  It could be addictions that have held us against ourselves.  It could be something as simple as a movie ticket that represents a bittersweet memory from an ended relationship.  It could be fear.  It could be control.  Whatever it is, there comes a time when we have to just let go.  For our benefit, it is best to loosen our grip on these items so that our hands will be poised and ready to accept the next blessing God has to offer. 

I know this is challenging.  If letting go was an occupation, I'd get fired every time.  I'm just no good at it.  But in the past couple of years, God has completely stripped me of everything I thought made me comfortable and happy.  Not because He is a mean Person and hates to see me happy, but because it was for the best.  In exchange for comfort and material items, I've gained a spiritual family that embraces me and loves me simply because my Father loves me.  I've gained a home I can always come back to.  I've gained the closest relationship with Christ that I've ever had.  I've gained a love story with my Savior that would have never been possible had He not demanded my attention in the manner that He did. 

Although at the time letting go was painful, it has been totally worth it.  I know my Father has great things in store for me and I have great peace in knowing that this vessel is empty so that He can fill it with what He desires.  There are times when I miss my house or I miss certain people who used to fill my life with smiles and love and laughter.  But then I'm reminded, either by Scripture or by the beautiful flow of life itself, that I am where I am today because it's where I'm intended to be.  The people who surround me are here to serve a purpose, and whether they are here for a day or for many years to come, I can embrace them for who they are and the purpose that they serve. 

I let go.  Not only of people, situations, and items, but also of control.  And I continue to let go every day.  It's not easy; not even the slightest bit.  But I'd be robbing myself of so many blessings if I held onto things that were no longer good for me with a death grip. 

The same goes for you.  Regardless of what you keep strapped to your heart or how long it has been there, I encourage you to allow God to loosen your grip.  Not all things that we hold onto are bad, so it's important to evaluate what needs to be released and what is okay to embrace.  It's a cliche saying, but it is so true: let go and let God.  There are so many beautiful, amazing opportunities awaiting you when you simply let go.  God bless. 


  1. thank you for letting God work through you. He pours truth into lives through you. Into my life. So thank you.

  2. Thank you for being an encouraging blessing. Your words always inspire me and I'm grateful for the opportunity to communicate with you.