Dear Future Husband.

Dear Future Husband:

I came across an article today which implied that asking a father for his daughter's hand in marriage was belittling and sexist.  Because I am old-fashioned, the article didn't necessarily reflect my views on the subject matter.  I simply sighed and scrolled on because although I hold certain traditions and values dear, I am not under the impression that I am part of a vast majority.

But then I thought of you, wherever you are, glancing across those words and taking them to heart.  I thought of all of the articles you're reading, the words you are taking in and considering.  I thought of the wait and the difficult loneliness and the questioning if you're doing any of this right.

There are so many words, opinions, and voices out there.  And on days when the loneliness settles so deeply in my bones that it physically hurts, I desperately want to listen to those words.  If I just do this, maybe he will show up.

It's because I know the struggle that I want, so badly, to tell you this: don't listen to any of it.

The articles.

The blog posts.

The opinions of friends and family with good intentions.

You are not too much or too little.  Your hair isn't too dark or too light.  Your talent isn't too small or too quirky.  You are not too smart or too shy or too funny or too quiet or too loud.  

You are you.  Don't change any part of yourself because the world has made you believe that you need to in order to attract someone.

Please just be the man that God is asking you to be.

And maybe that won't attract a lot of girls, but it will attract me.

Don't give up.  Don't give in.  Keep your head up and your faith strong, love.  Our time rests in our Heavenly Father's capable hands and I am certain that He is always, always, always right on time.

With all of my love,


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