When It's Time to Go.

I have been thinking about how I would break the news for months, but words still escape me.  I love this space we have created, this little haven of hope we have chiseled out on the internet.  We have been here for seven years (my word) and I wouldn't trade our time here for anything.

But it's time to grow and go.

I don't say that lightly.  Even as I buzz with nervous anticipation for what comes next, my heart is heavy with sadness.  Goodbyes are always tough.

I have felt the desire to move our virtual home for a couple years, but I always chickened out.  It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make a blog run smoothly and we already have such a good thing going here at Eyes of Faith.  I felt very blessed by the way this space was flourishing.  Would I be spitting in the face of that growth by relocating?  Can a girl be so lucky twice?

Plus, U G H.  All of the workkkkkk.

Yet I knew if this was something God wanted me to do, I needed to be obedient, no matter how scary or inconvenient.  

So I did some praying and I did some research and over a year ago, I started working on our new virtual home.

It isn't perfect.  I am operating on a steep learning curve, my friends, and I am far from a blogging guru.  We will have to learn as we go.  But if we are learning together, I think we can do it.  I believe in us.

I have asked you a million questions (my bad) and I have Googled all of the things because I have no clue what I'm doing.  It has been scary and frustrating and a full range of other tear-inducing emotions.

But God has been good and faithful here at Eyes of Faith.  I trust that He will continue to be good and faithful in our next adventure.

You are my people--my tribe, if you will.  I write for Jesus, but it would be no fun without all of you.

So after a year of keeping it mostly to myself, I am so ready to swing the doors wide open and invite you to our new home:

{Click the name above to check it out!}

 I'll meet you there, friends.

With all of my love,


P.S. - To ease any anxiety, I want to make it clear that nothing is happening to this site.  I am not closing it.  All of these writings, all of our years here, will be preserved for as long as the internet allows.  Don't care for the new site, but still love this one?  By all means, come back!  Visit as often as you want or need to.  I'll just be hanging out at the new place, so any new content will be offered there.  :)  Thanks, friends.  

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